Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dillon's Dandy Hannah v Sureshot

June 6/29/11 

 Hi Nancy,

I have very sad news, our girl Hannah passed away today.  When I got home from work she was laying in one of her favorite spots, in front of the window in my study, in the sun.  She looks so peaceful.  Of course I can't stop crying.. She had such a great life, so many people love her, she loved so many.  Our girl is now running free, chasing the squirrels in Heaven. 

With sadness,


This the Circle Of Life.  Even though it is very difficult to write letters like this, we can take consolation in knowing we give our dogs the best and they give it back to us tenfold. 
Hannah was the mother of Dillon's Barclay Amy (Velma) and Dillon's Bet Your Bottom Dollar (Harly).
She is at the Rainbow Bridge now.  She crossed over the same way her mother did.  At peace after living a life full of people who loved them.   All the others who went before her perked up their ears when the saw her coming.  Hannah will be there to do the same for us.