Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to Cory!

Niklby's Special EveningCD RA WAC (Cory)

Happy 9th Birthday to Cory.   She is the dame of GCH Dillon's Evening The Odds Niklby CD RA (Cobby), GCH Dillon's Midnight Rambler RE (Rambo), and Dillon's Stroke Of Midnight (Wiley).  Cory sleeps on the bed every night, right where she deserves to be.  Thank you, Betty Cuzzolino of Niklby Dobermans in New Jersey, for trusting us with her at the age of 8 weeks.  It's been a wonderful 9 years with Cory.  She is the picture of health, even with the silver hair creeping up on her muzzle.

Every morning Cory starts her day at 5:45AM with a trip to the end of our long driveway where she "does her business", marking the territory to keep the neighborhood dogs out of our yard.  Cory's day includes a hearty breakfast after her morning constitutional, going back to bed when I leave for work, sleeping all day unless she sees a crow out in the pasture.  No crows allowed in her pasture!!! 

When I get home she greets me at the door carrying one of her favorite toys, but if I left the closet door open she will have one of my shoes in her mouth.  She doesn't chew it up (lucky me!), just brings it to meet me.  We have more exercise and playtime with the other dogs.  Then she wiggles her whole body and smiles when Russ comes in the door at about 6PM.  Suppertime for everybody.  Some quiet time, then Cory takes her place again at the foot of the bed.  She snores too!