Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Title for Sawyer at the Nationals

 Patty and Sawyer had a wonderful time at the DPCA Nationals in Fitchburg, MA.  The team took first place in 24" Open Agility.  The course was wet and muddy.  Many dogs slid off the A-Frame and Teeter because of the rainy conditions but there were no serious injuries to dogs or handlers.
Sawyer achieved his Working Aptitude Certificate from the DPCA.  This is a temperament test for Dobermans.  The dogs are presented different situations where they are evaluated on how they respond.  Passing scores on all the situations gives the dog the Working Aptitude Certificate.
Sawyer's full name is Smack-Dab's PKG's Reason For Believing.  The initials behind his name are
CD (Companion Dog), RA, (Rally Advanced) OA (Open Agility),OAJ (Open Agility Jumpers), NF,BH (Bundes Hound),OB1 (Schutzhund Obedience 1), OB2 (Schutzhund Obedience 2, TR1 (Tracking Title 1),  WAC  (Working Aptitude Certificate)
Next year he will be bred to Dillon's Stroke Of Midnight.  This litter will have a combination of Sawyer and Wiley's drive and working ability with excellent health and conformation to the Doberman Standard.