Saturday, January 14, 2012

Loki and Sigyn cross the Atlantic to their new home.

Said farewell to my friends Julian and Ivelina Parker today. They left the U.S. to return to the U.K. which is Julian's homeland. Their 2 Dobermans are Dillon's Remembrance and Dillon's Sigyn Warrior, a.k.a. Loki and Sigyn.  Praying for a safe flight to Amsterdam and safe passage by ferry to U.K. Quite a journey for all of them.  I have enjoyed their company and friendship over the years. 

Loki is the black one.  Sigyn is the red one.
Julian has a great sense of humor!

Sigyn is beautifully dressed.

On their way to the U.K. they traveled by plane and ferry boat.  Here they are waiting to board the ferry in Amsterdam for the 7 hr trip across the North Sea.

The Queen Mum is happy to have them as neighbors.