Sunday, January 29, 2012

Update on Sawyer and Patty

This is a very talented dog and handler team.
Smack-Dab's PKG's Reason For Believing  (a.k.a. Sawyer)
and Patty Golfieri
I asked Patty to tell me what she accomplished in the past 3 days of her Agility Trials with Sawyer.  I'm going to directly quote her because I don't want to leave anything out.

"As far as what we accomplished this weekend, to start we got our last leg for our AXJ title, then we went on to get 2 legs for our MXJ and 1 leg towards our MX title, after we get those two titles there are no more higher level titles other than the MACH title to receive. We also received 48 points towards our MACH, not sure how many total points you need I believe it's 750, plus you need 20 dbl. Q's. The way the points are added up is by the seconds your runs are under the allowed time. For example, yesterday"s 1st place jumpers run we did in 28.02 seconds, and the actual time allowed for that run was 41 seconds, so we received 12 MACH points. Our Standard run Friday we received 20 points because he was 20 seconds under time. There's no doubt the points will come faster than the dbl Q's!! Anyway, we're back up there again this Friday. It's a very nice facility to run Agility in, and the drive to State College is pretty simple as well. After this Friday we don't have anymore trials in Feb. I had a goal to get Sawyer's MX and MXJ this Winter, so hopefully I will, and get back into the Schutzhund for awhile."
This is a very talented dog and handler team.  I am proud to know them.