Friday, February 10, 2012

A Day In The Life of Sawyer

These are Patty's words telling the story of how useful a smart well trained Doberman can be,
"So today Sawyer amazes me with his understanding of the English language.
This afternoon he and I were down at our rural 4 acre park training some Schutzhund OB. We use almost the entire park when we train, because there's many times I throw his ball far for him to run and retrieve. After about 30 minutes of non stop training, we head back to my vehicle.  As I reach into my pocket for my keys, they were not there. So I'm down at the park (did I mention the park is RURAL) my keys are missing and my car is locked with my phone inside it. So I turn around towards the park and say to myself, OMG Mama lost her keys! The next thing out of my mouth was "Sawyer go find Mama's keys".   He takes off like a bullet weaving back and forth across this park nose to the ground, finds my keys, picks them up and comes running like a bullet back to me. I think my mouth was open wider that when I'm sitting in the Dental chair, with amazement, that he knew what I meant when I said it.
I do know there are many a times, we'll be heading out the door to leave, and I will say Mama has to get her keys, and remove them from the hook by the door. I guess after 2 years of him hearing this, he knew what they were. And with his amazing tracking ability he had no trouble finding them within less than a minute. He is one smart Doberman!!

Patty K.Golfieri

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