Thursday, March 22, 2012

Available! 7 month old puppy to an active home

With every puppy that leaves my home comes a guaranty that I will take the pup back if the situation does not work out.  One of the boys from Cobby X Sheeba's litter is coming back home to me due to changes in his owner's work schedule.  They say he just spends too much time in the crate and it's not fair to him.
   His name is Dillon's Spirit Of Life.  He will be available within the next few weeks but I don't have a definite date yet.  Sometimes people do not want to "do the whole puppy thing" so a young dog who is no longer in need of ear posting and sleeps through the night suits them just fine. 

5 weeks old

5 months old

Get in touch with me by email if you are interested in this pup.  He's a typical 6 month old pup who is ready to be trained and loved by a dedicated home with his best interests at heart.