Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dillon's Spirit Of Life is in his new home

May 26, 2012:  Dillon's Spritit Of Life is happily in his new home.  He is now called "Rhett", a fitting name for a gentleman who lives on a farm in Georgia.  Reports from Rhett's new owners are that he is living up to expectations.  I must say a big personal "Thank You" to the family who took Rhett home.  They are wonderful people who will give him a home for life.  

April 20th, 2012:   Dillon's Spirit Of Life (Sam) is here with me now.    He is from my Cobby X Sheeba litter.  After 8 hours on the road and 448 miles Sam is finally home here.  He is already feeling good about his new surroundings.  Many thanks to Susan and Jax for fostering Sam for 2 weeks in Hartwell, GA.  Her skills in rescue and evaluation of temperament are trustworthy.   He is a sweet natured dog.

April 30th, 2012:  Here are some pictures of Sam.  He is available now to a forever home.  Sam weighs about 60 lbs.  He was born on October 19, 2011.  Sam is structurally sound and balanced.  His ears are a little shorter than the usual crop but that is due to an overzealous owner who did not heed my instructions.  The posted his ears too soon with tape that was too tight.  Sam's ears were recropped at 4 months old to repair damage that was done but he is still a handsome boy with his father's expression.   Sam loves to play in the water.  He would probably be a good swimmer if given the chance.