Monday, April 9, 2012

My Mom said this . . . . . . .

Some of you may know that my whole family is up north in Wisconsin.  They all get together for traditional Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Dinners.  It pains me sometimes when I cannot be there for these gatherings to see all the 2nd and 3rd generations coming up now.  There are grandchildren and great grandchildren who are accomplished at skills like playing the piano, Karate, horsemanship, and racing cars.
Here is a little snipet of an email my Mother sent me this morning:

  "Thanks for keeping us informed about Zeus and his accomplishments this
weekend. I smiled all the while I made Easter dinner!
I get so proud I could burst!"

This picture was taken sometime in the early 1980's.  Mom always came to the horse shows with us.  Such a good sport for letting us take her picture with the cowboy tiara!