Sunday, April 29, 2012

Obedience Novice A - Dillon's Midnight Flight "Lottie"

Sometimes it's difficult to stay in touch with everybody that has one of my puppies.  The years go by and you always wonder about a few of them who you don't hear from often.  Then, an email will show up with only the dog's name in the subject line.  That, nine times out of ten, is a sure indicator of sad news about the dog.  That is what happened today when I got the following message from Donna Smith.  I only looked at the subject line and told Russ that I could not bear to read it because I just knew it would not be good.  I walked away from the computer saying "I can't do this" and he clicked open the message.  Well, Russ said "Hey, you were wrong!" when he read the following message.   

"Nancy I'm sorry I haven't stayed in touch but after we got Lottie I was struck with a barrage of serious health issues and was unable to do a lot of things with Lottie that i had intended to do.We are all in good health now and love Lottie dearly. I just want to report that Lottie earned her first leg in Novice A obedience this morning! Thank you for allowing us to make her a member of our family. I hope all is well with you and yours.SincerelyDonna Smith"

Lottie is Dillon's Midnight Flight (CH Kaywood's Clear'Nite Mission X Niklby's Special Evening CD RA WAC)  owned by Donna Smith and family.  She is a littemate to Wiley and Zipper.  I am very proud to say that Donna and Lottie are working toward the Companion Dog title and training in Agility. 

Keep up the good work girls!!!  
Donna Smith and Dillon's Midnight Flight (Lottie) earn their first leg toward the Companion Dog title at Montgomery Area Dog Obedience Club in Ataugaville, AL
April 30, 2012