Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dillon's Odds Favor Micah has 2 new Obedience titles!

This message came from Janet Chardavoyne all the way up in Albany, NY.
Janet owns Dillon's Odds Favor Micah, whom we know as Micah.  This young dog is just 2 years old in December.  His sire is GCH Dillon's Evening The Odds Niklby CD RA, dam is Zena Princess Warrior.
Janet writes:   
"Micah has 2 new titles to add to his name! We were at the Springfield MA Cluster shows and I had him in Novice obedience & Rally novice on Sat & Sun. He qualified in both classes both days. Sunday he took 4th place in his Novice obedience class with a 188! Since he did so well at the National obedience I thought I would see if I could get him done. Now I will start him with open work. I have only put him in 3 sessions of classes and do minimal obedience work but he is very good at it. He is not so eager about Rally though. Scores were OK - 93 each day but I am not sure he gets that class. We don't train it really,  just as exercises for obedience.  Proud of him doing that in 3 trials and he looks pretty good.
It is nice to have a Dobe that likes obedience work!  Keira has no use for it!   I think the focus will come - part of it is stress as he hates making a mistake. He is afraid of the dogwalk now so will have to retrain. I will be getting him out other places this winter to build his confidence. Micah is a very slow maturing dog.   Everyone is pushing their dogs out into the agility ring very early. There are times he has moments of brilliance. I have him entered in another obedience trial in novice - Lehigh Valley KC Dec 15. He can use the trial experience."
Janet also ownes and trains another dog, Keira.  Keira is a DPCA Top 20 Agility Contender.  If and when Micah goes into the Agility ring he will have a hard act to follow!
Here is a picture of Janet and Micah receiving their ribbon.