Saturday, December 29, 2012

What All Dog Owners With Children Should Know

Yes, I am about to preach on a topic that never gets enough air time.  Yesterday I was unloading feed for the horses and my cell phone rang.  It was my supervisor at work.  He is a good guy with a wondeful family of 5 children.  He knows I raise Dobermans.  He's very dog smart but he asked me for advice on a situation that gave me the chills.  His 5yr old daughter, Caroline, and their 2 yr old Boxer, Rosie, were on the verge of catastrophe.  The little girl was getting down on the floor  and "kissing" her while Rosie was chewing her toys.  The inevitable happened.  Rosie growled at the child in warning.  Not once, but twice.  Two separate incidences.  All kinds of excuses were made for Rosie such as "She's PMS'ing", "She's tired of the kids being home from school and bothering her," etc.  The next line was "We don't want to get rid of Rosie but what can we do?"  Couldn't help it, I told him they were lucky Rosie has patience but their luck is about to run out.  Then I launched into a litany of remedies and training techniques for the CHILD AND THE DOG to keep their blond haired blued eyed sweet thing from having her face bitten and possibly losing an eye.

Here is a quote from a good friend of mine regarding this situation:
"As a facial surgeon who fixes these all the time, I can't tell you how much I want to tell people, "I don't care if the dog is a Golden Retriever, you DON"T leave your child with him to pull on his ears, jump on his back etc. A dog is a dog......period. He willl protect himself and try to discipline ANY child who is hurting him or agitating him. PERIOD.  It's common for them to take a swipe at the nose of the baby just like they would their own pups..........only we don't have a snout and inevitably they end up tearing skin........usually in the corners of the eyelids causing something called a canalicular laceration. VERY common. Doesn't mean the the dog is viscious.....just annoyed and trying to discipline the "pup". DON'T leave a baby with ANY type of dog without supervision.....ever. They are animals with animal rules..."