Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weaning Time - Zeus X Maggie's Puppies

Dillon's Raven Cain and Dillon's Stark Raven are growing every day.  Maggie indicated to me it's time to wean them.  They have teeth and sharp little claws now! This morning they had their first meal of real puppy food and milk replacer mush.   At 3.5 weeks old it seems like they are still so small to eat on their own but they flopped into the puppy pan face first with feet following.  So typical of hardy little puppies.  After a clean up and "toilet duties" they are back in the whelping box for a nap with their favorite mommy substitute, a big warm furry pillow that smells like her.  In a week or so Maggie will not feed them any more but she will tend them and teach them how to be social in the dog world.  Feeding will be my job . . . . . .  a labor of love.

 Dillon's Stark Raven and Dillon's Raven Cain
3.5 weeks old
(GCH Dillon's Zipper Ripper  X  Dillon's Importance)
Zeus X Maggie