Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sawyer and Patty earn 25 MACH points

Smack-Dab's PKG's Reason For Believing CD,RA,AX,AXJ,NF,BH,OB1,OB2, TR1,WAC,CGC   "Sawyer" was handled beautifully by his owner and trainer, Patty Golfieri, in Burlington New Jersey yesterday.  He placed 1st in this Standard Agility run.  This gives him 25 more points toward his Master Agility Champion title, a.k.a.  MACH.  This was their first time running in a ring that was outside on grass.  Normally they always run at indoor rings on packed dirt or turf.  Sawyer got into the game on grass and made us all proud.  Our friend and fellow Dillon Doberman owner, Barbara Moyer, took the video.  Thanks Patty and Thanks Barb!  You make me proud that you are in the fold of Dillon Dobermans.