Friday, December 6, 2013

Good News From a Good Friend

Today I received a very happy message from my good friend Patty Golfieri in Boiling Springs, PA.  Her dog is the multi-perfornance titled Smack-Dab's PKG's Reason For Believing, known as Sawyer, pictured many times on this website.  Patty and Sawyer achieved their MXJ title today at the trial in Westminster, MD.  This is the message she sent me along with the picture of Sawyer and their award ribbon.

"We did it! Got our MXJ title and biggest ass ribbon you could ever ask for!!!" 

Patty also trains and competes with her Finn, her Havanese, (a.k.a. the fastest turd on 4 legs).  She ran this course with Finn first and almost stumbled over him coming out of the chute.  Even though Patty torqued her knee doing a tap dance to keep from stepping on Finn she knew that it would be the perfect course for Sawyer to qualify on.  They went in with confidence and a good feeling and got the job done even with a sore knee.  Sometimes you have to play through the pain.

Congratulations Patty and Sawyer.  Job well done! —

Patty wanted to apologize for the way her hair looks in this picture.  It was raining in Westminster.  Her "do" was ruined but her face was beaming with pride so I told her nobody would even notice!