Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome 2014! Looking Ahead

We said good bye to 2013 by burning the calendar!  The year was full of ups and downs for all of us.  The major "up" is the fact that all the puppies from my Ruger X Wiley Litter born on June 7th 2013 are doing spectacular.  I am so fortunate to have 4 of them in homes who are pursuing the show ring.  One of them already has two points earned on her first weekend out at the age of just 6 months.   
Once again I have been reminded that all things happen for a reason.  I was expecting puppies on December 7th but I became suspicious that the breeding did not take along about the 3rd week of November.  There were no puppies.  I was very sad about this but now I understand the reason.
Late in October I had injured my knee while riding my horse.  Little did I know at that time I would end up in surgery on December 16th to repair a completely torn ACL and meniscus.  As I sit here typing this my leg is in a brace from ankle to hip.
How could I handle a litter of puppies and a leg brace?  Answer to that question is the Forces That Are Larger Than Us took care of it.

Looking ahead to blue skies and happy trails.  Happy New Year to all!!