Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Chattanooga TN Weekend Fun With A New Title

  It was a tailgate kind of weekend in Chattanooga TN on September 12 and 13th.   Doberman friends Lou Griffin, Elizabeth Barrett and I decided to try Lure Coursing with Dobermans.  I've seen it done many times before with other dogs who are considered "sight hounds".  The contestants have to run 600 yards in under 2 minutes chasing a plastic bag on a string.  The course is predetermined and the same for all contestants.  Three successful runs earns a Coursing Ability Title from the AKC.
  Congratulations to Dillon's Eye Of The Storm "Ali" on her new Coursing Ability title. Great job Lou Griffin. GCH Dillon's Zipper Ripper CD CGC ROM "Zeus" played the chase game too! Ali has him hands down on style but it sure is a pleasure to watch him stretch those legs and chase that "bunny".

Ali full speed on the backstretch

Zeus taking off at the starting line